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We’ve delivered several perfect digital solutions with great feedback and great ratings. Investing in a crypto payment gateway development involves many challenges, including growth projections. Well, in the case of cryptocurrency, it is skyrocketing as the global market valuation of the crypto market is expected to reach the valuation of 880 million USD by the end of 2026. Wallet integration, transaction history should be among the list of features of your crypto payment gateways. There are many crypto payment gateways but I have mentioned the best ones of 2021. I hope I have been able to answer all your questions related to Crypto payment gateways through this blog.

But Bitcoin’s price has been on a bull for quite some time now. 2021 has seen its higher value than ever which proves it responsible for approximately 69% of the total market value. Conversion – OpenNode lets you convert automatically between bitcoin and other popular currencies at the transaction time with locked exchange rates or on-demand.

When Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, Inc., declared that customers could buy cars with Bitcoins, the popularity of these coins crossed all the limits. GoURL works with all the major cryptocurrency wallets and offers a high degree of anonymity, something which is fascinating to many crypto users. It offers clear payment breakdowns that make managing orders really easy.

Crypto payment gateways are becoming more popular as businesses embrace them and venture into developing their cryptocurrency methods. The cryptocurrency industry is rapidly evolving, and the payment gateways sector is booming. A crypto payment gateway is a platform for online transactions that helps companies accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency payment gateways are used by businesses to accept, process and manage cryptocurrency transactions and payments from customers in exchange for services or products.

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He received his master’s degree in financial management from the Netherlands and his Bachelor of Technology degree from India. We develop unique API, customizable as per our clients requirements, to automate the payment processes. Along with payment transactions, the API plugins developed by us will also be used to manage the non-payment functionalities.

  • Settle in cryptocurrency or local currency with no volatility risk.
  • SOC Certifications – Gemini is SOC 1 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.
  • Because of this, financial endeavors within the crypto market are classified as high risk.
  • The money is added to your account with the provider; it is deposited to your designated bank account in intervals decided on in your service contract.
  • After the first transaction of up to 1 million USD, it charges a transaction fee of 1 percent from the users.
  • Users can easily connect payment gateways to exchanges to convert cryptocurrencies into conventional currencies, stablecoins, or fiat.

DePay accepts Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Polygon tokens that have liquidity on decentralized exchanges. DePay is a peer-to-peer payment gateway that uses smart contracts for on-the-fly conversion. In this guide we have provided generic crypto payment implementation tips.


A robust crypto payment gateway solution is based on the technologies such as jQuery, NGINX, CloudFlare, AngularJS, Backbone.js, and more. CoinsBank is a user-friendly Crypto payment gateway that has a good reputation in the industry. It supports most of the major fiat currencies including USD, GBP, and EUR. A bonus is that CoinsBank provides 24/7 free transfer of currency to family and friends. Crypto payment gateway CoinPayments sets itself apart with a massive list of supported cryptocurrencies. The service allows customers to pay for purchases in online shops for a record number of coins, 1860.

Another disadvantage is that using a crypto payment gateway comes at a higher cost as compared to directly transferring payments on the blockchain. This is because crypto payment gateways are intermediaries that charge their own fees on top of the transaction fees incurred on a blockchain network. The payment processor receives the digital currency and instantly converts it into fiat money, based on what the cryptocurrency’s market value is at the time.

Crypto Payment Gateway Market 2022 By Manufacturers, Regions, Type And Application, Forecast To 2030 – openPR

Crypto Payment Gateway Market 2022 By Manufacturers, Regions, Type And Application, Forecast To 2030.

Posted: Thu, 22 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

DeFi crypto payment gateway provides users with full control over their funds via private keys. These kinds have non-custodial characteristics and are embedded with exclusive security to offer ease of use. Together, users enjoy a transparent financial ecosystem with no third parties involved in the whole payment process.

However, in recent times several companies introduced the so-called stablecoins, pegged to a specific currency, namely US dollar. Examples of stablecoins include CryptoCurrency Payment Gateway USDC , BUSD , USDT , PAX , and others. So, they do not suffer from major price fluctuations, unlike more well-known currencies such as Bitcoin or Ether.

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Compare the best Cryptocurrency Payment gateways currently available using the table below. Crypto-to-crypto payment gateways, with which transactions between cryptocurrencies are carried out without converting the digital money into fiat currency. Customized digital wallets can accommodate a single currency or many currencies, depending on the need. Basically, a cryptocurrency payment gateway should give users a variety of convenient payment alternatives, including QR codes, NFC, and URLs. Additionally, it must finish transactions quickly to facilitate real-time settlement and streamline payment operations. Businesses currently use two types of crypto gateways described below. supports USD Tether on Ethereum and Tron networks. Easily integrates our payment gateway on your webpage or app with seamless checkout with easy API integration . Payment gateways for cryptocurrencies are simple to incorporate into an existing application. The merchant can incorporate the cryptocurrency plugin into the program they want to use and begin accepting crypto payments. Moreover, you can deposit cryptocurrency to Binance exchange to be further converted into fiat, again, with minimum expenses.

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Then the payment processor receives a request and sends an acknowledgment code. That acknowledgment code has all the required information about the transaction status. If you are a crypto enthusiast, you must know how incredibly volatile the cryptocurrency market is. The price of bitcoin fell 45% in December 2017, from $20,000 down to just below $6,000.

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Monneo has both a website and API integration that allows you to automatically add crypto as a payment option to your existing website easily. Those are just a few questions you may want to consider in relation to your provider’s customer support. It may not feel important, but when you have urgent problems and questions that require immediate answers and support, you’ll be thankful that you researched this beforehand.

Is there a crypto payment gateway

From fiat to digital currencies and now cryptocurrencies, payment methods are evolving rapidly. As a result, payment gateway systems are also developing parallelly. But they also have significant drawbacks, such as delays in cross-border transactions, a lack of automation, and the need for intermediaries.

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In addition, incorporating a crypto gateway service will likely be a profitable alternative to legacy gateway solutions. However, each service comes with its own risks and benefits, and it is crucial for businesses to be due diligent with the services they integrate. With Coinbase, a world-leading crypto exchange, Coinbase Commerce is considered one of the top crypto payment gateways in 2022.

Saving up for your next vacation or a gift for someone you care. Smart goals help you accomplish your aspirations sooner by getting you up to 10% APY. In addition to conventional payment processors, exchanges offer the option of payment with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Is there a crypto payment gateway

Transaction Fees – It charges 0.5% transaction fee + 0.5% exchange fee if crypto exchange is needed. Buy, store, swap and spend your favorite crypto all in one secure app. Firstly, it incentivizes customers to spend since their total costs are lower. Secondly, the company can profit from higher margins since transaction costs can add up to a lot of money when a business handle loads of transactions at any given time. CoinPayments works as a crypto wallet where merchants can store their revenues. The wallet allows the storing of funds in more than 2055 various digital coins.

Crypto Processing Tailored For All Business Models

Crypto payment gateways are payment processors akin to traditional transaction gateway services with legacy financial institutions. Specifically, crypto payment gateways act as a facilitator between consumers and business merchants. Thanks to crypto payment gateways, businesses of any size can accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Then, the crypto gateway service will instantly convert the consumer’s crypto payment into the merchant’s preferred currency.

When using a cryptocurrency payment, the customer has many more options, making the payment process easier and fun. For instance, a customer can choose to make the payment via SMS. For some payment gateways like Payaabb, customers can even make payments through social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

Similarly, Binance “issues” BUSD, so their brokerage service offers the cheapest conversion of this currency to fiat. Every blockchain charges gas fees in some specific currency. Examples include Ether for Ethereum, BNB for Binance Chain, AVAX for Avalanche, Matic for Polygon, FTM for Fantom.

However, businesses have the option to absorb this cost or to let the customer pay. ALFAcoins offers a range of customizable configurations with a fee-free, auto-withdrawal feature that transfers assets to merchants’ wallets. Overall, ALFAcoins has a positive reputation and promises businesses zero friction with integrating a crypto payment gateway. However, it is worth noting that ALFAcoins currently only supports a relatively small number of coins.

A crypto payment gateway can provide an easy way for a merchant to adopt crypto, without the hassle of having to maintain a crypto wallet and convert digital currencies into fiat money. This makes it much easier for a merchant to offer crypto payment options and encourages the broader adoption of digital currencies. Developcoins crypto payment gateway is a fully automated solution to collect and exchange cryptocurrencies into fiat money. Our experience in cryptocurrency development and wallet setup, assures in delivering the best solution at an affordable cost.

There are a lot of crypto payment gateways that are prevailing in the global market. Here are some of the top ones that you should explore before starting your project. All payment gateways have a profit motive to them and, as such, have fees.